What’s on my Saas scorecard

What metrics do I care most about for Boast? What are our biggest Key Performance Indicators?
We use Baremetrics, which analyzes our Stripe credit card processing activity and builds a dashboard to get insight into your business.  Using Baremetrics, Google, and Hubspot we consolidate the following metrics onto a scorecard weekly. Each of these bullet points also has a corresponding goal to meet to stay on target for our next milestone.

  • Marketing site visits – total count that week of site visitors.
  • Downloads / form fills – how many marketing qualified leads we got that week.
  • Trial signups – How many people are kicking the tires on a trial.
  • Total New Contacts – Total new contacts for nurturing.
  • Demos – Client demos given that week.
  • New customers – How many new paid customers we got that week.
  • Trial to customer rate – for a trend line on our trial to customer close ratio.
  • User churn – Current churn rate from our Baremetrics dashboard. This is usually 3 – 6%
  • LTV – What’s our current average Life Time Value of a customer.
  • CAC – Client acquisition cost based on ad spend and marketing / internal efforts.
  • Ad Spend – Ad spend for that week.
  • MRR – Current monthly recurring revenue number as of that week.
  • MRR Growth Rate – For a nice trend line on our scorecard.
  • Visitor to trial rate – What percentage of visitors are we converting to a trial.

Have questions about our SaaS scorecard or what data points are relevant? Ask me anything.


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