About Ryan Doom

Designer, Developer, Sales & Marketer

Happiness is the act of imagining, designing, creating, and making.
-Dream it. Achieve it.

I’ve been working in the digital space for over 20 years.  Although I went to school for engineering, the majority of my interests are in the design, marketing, and sales of awesome products and services.  


I grew up wanting to be an illustrator and got involved in computer design, HTML/CSS, and building websites while I was in my teens.  In high school I started realizing that design was one aspect of web systems but I couldn’t get everything I wanted done with just design – I had to start learning how to program. This revelation pushed me to pursue engineering in college and I ended up narrowing that down to computer science.  

Since that time my mainstay has been Web Ascender; a successful digital marketing and development agency.  I’ve also started and shut down a handful of digital products and applications before ultimately having success in the the SaaS world with Boast.



Boast is where I have been focusing a lot of my efforts in the last year, working to form relationships, partnerships, and marketing ventures to help more businesses with their customer satisfaction, online reviews, and video testimonials. 



I’m not trying to change a billion lives, I am just trying to impact 1 million people.  If I can help 1 million people learn about marketing and sales, and how to use that knowledge to sell subscriptions and software products I think I can help them make millions of dollars in the industry.  I absolutely love the subscription business model. Having a product or service that is so good that a business will invest in it each and every month is an awesome way to live. Previously to generate MRR you would need to buy real estate so you could have rentals. Now, all you need to do is find a couple awesome products that you love and show it to the right businesses. You can get 30% a month commission for life, by just introducing the right businesses to the right products. It’s insane.  Of course, if you want to go the route of building your own product, or working full time as an employee marketing and selling a single product – that is 100% cool too. 

I’m hoping to share marketing and sales knowledge that can help the novice and the veteran. Plus, if you have ideas, want to share your own stories or have a question for me – AMA.


Oh yeah, when I’m not growing and building businesses I am usually spending time with one of the way too many hobbies that I’ve got: flying airplanes, motorcycles, playing volleyball, kayak/paddle boarding, camping, soccer, home improvements, or sucking at my two new endeavors kiteboarding & spearfishing.  I’m thinking of picking up a MIG welder at some point here, wouldn’t mind seeing what I can create and build with that!

What I'm Working On

Boast - Video Testimonial Collection

Boast is a customer feedback, review, and video testimonial platform. It allows you to collect customer stories and showcase them on your website and easily use them in your marketing and social media.  We’ve got a lot of cool new features in the works.

Accessible Metrics - Website Accessibility Scanning

Accessible Metrics is designed to monitor your website for long term accessibility compliance. Most organizations just scan their website one time to test the pages that exist today. It’s important that as you continue to add content to your website, add additional blog posts, and build upon it over time that it remains compliant. Accessible Metrics does a monthly scan of your website pages and reports back any accessibility compliance concerns.

Web Ascender - Design, Development, Marketing
Web Ascender provides website design, development, and digital marketing services. We have the ability to handle everything from start to finish with your digital marketing strategy in-house. This includes strategy, design, content authoring, website development, digital marketing, content marketing, marketing automation, SEM/SEO, and more. We work with mature businesses and well funded startups; Most engagements start at: $10,000/mo

Earn Monthly Recurring Revenue by Connecting with Businesses

Just starting out? No ideas, no experience in marketing or sales?  No problem, I’ve put together this e-book that outlines everything you need to do to start making serious money online.


In this e-book I provide details on why you want to work with businesses and not consumers; and outline 5 – 10 opportunities that will work for you to start making money today.



Plus, I include the exact steps on how to do all of it!