I imagine, design, and develop amazing products.

Since 2007 I have run a web development, mobile application and Internet marketing company. I’ve helped Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses grow their companies.


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Starting a software product company

Over the last 8 years I have only worked in the software and web consulting realm.  But in the last 6 months some co-works and friends of mine started a product division within WA.  Kevin, Kyle, Michael, Matt and I have ...

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Software is easy. Marketing is hard.

Software is easy. Marketing is hard.

It may not be the case for some but for me the idea of a great software product has come pretty easy.  There are many times a day that a developer, or a manager due tasks that appear to be mundane, and would love for improvem...

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Making a better 404 page

I just ran into a 404 page on a website, and realized that it should be a standard practice to customize your websites 404 page to make it more useful to users. The standard 404 error page is ugly and does not provide any benefits...

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Getting rid of the admin area of your application

One difference that I have always liked about DotNetNuke versus Drupal and Joomla is that the admin interface is built into the website not a separate area.  When Kevin and I researched all of the top Content Management Syste...

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Increasing Your Business By Speaking

Increasing Your Business By Speaking

2009 will most likely be as slow for many businesses as 2008. But you don’t have to participate, a good tip for 2009 is to work on a presentation that you can start giving to local associations and businesses. All you need to g...

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My First Week With A Macbook

Picked up a Macbook on Craigslist to start to get in touch with this hipster coffee shop, "I use a Mac I'm so cool lifestyle." Well, and to rock out some Ruby on Rails development and have a good excuse to do so. I have outlined...

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How to sell agile software development

I have found that Selling Agile Development is easier than I would have initially expected it to be.  The selling process is usually so complex.  In the more complex cases it starts with a Request for Proposal....

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Roles a web company musts play

What skills do you need to create an all-star website? It’s something I think about often, and I have had a ton of people come to us recently who have been burned.  Burned because they had their friend who ‘did websites’ or a...

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Best practices for changing DNS A and MX records

Tricky part with some website launches is that you will be moving the A record which is usually the website records such aswww.yourdomain.com and potentially other records or CNAMES such as ftp.yourdomain.com  ...

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Ecommerce Usability Tips

Call it a shopping cart Do you run an online handbag store and think it would be cute to have everyone add their items to their ‘handbag?’ or perhaps you sell auto parts and think it would be neat to have users add their air and ...

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Are you interested in making the next big thing? Do you have a great idea, know your industry, and have a good way to get your product into the hands of others? This short e-book will go through the primary things to consider when evaluating and executing on your web or mobile application startup.
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