What's trending in web design

What's trending in web design

What's trending in web design

Single Page Websites

Single page websites are great for companies or organizations that consciously do not want to have a lot of content to add and manage. The idea is that all of your websites content can be found on one long scrolling page.  Instead of clicking deeper and deeper into a website, everything you need is on one page.  The top-level navigation then slides you down the page to the appropriate content area.


·      Content is not a lot of work; you have to intentionally keep it short and sweet.

·      The site is simple for your users to browse, it’s just one page and scrolling today is very natural

·      You can have fun making neat transitions as the visitor moves down the page


·      You have to make sure your site is a good fit for this technique. If you have tons of services, products or a large blog this technique breaks down.

·      This technique doesn’t give search engines as much to bite in to and is not ideal for search engine optimization.

Fixed Header Bar

You will see more sites where the navigation follows you down the page as you scroll.  The benefits of this is that there is always and easy way to navigate to other areas of the site.  The disadvantage is that it takes up more screen real estate that could be used for reading content.  This is definitely a growing trend.

Integrating with Third Party Services

A continuing trend that we see is the integration of third party systems in to websites.

Facebook: Add like pages, show recent wall posts, use Facebook as your blogs comments system.

Twitter: Show your latest tweets, and get visitors to follow you.

Instagram / Flickr: – Show your photos on your website

User Accounts: Instead of having visitors create accounts directly on your website you can now authenticate them against their Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Amazon account to log them into your site.  This still gives you critical information like their name and email but makes it easier for your visitor to make an account and more importantly remember their account information.  The only downside with this is that sometimes users forget what service they used to authenticate with your site.

Disqus: Easily add comments to any page of your website or blog.

AddThis: Add the ability for visitors of your site to share content on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

Mailchimp: Collect users email to add them to your newsletter.

Responsive Web Design

Adjusting the display of a website based on the viewers screen size and device capabilities.  In the past web designers were either displaying the same website or sometimes a completely different mobile website to visitors on smart phones.  Over the last few years the trend has been to determine the devices size and capabilities and automatically adjust the layout and features to that device.  

Large Type

The default non-disrupted font for a web browser and web page is usually Times and 12px font.  Some time ago it was a trend to do very small fonts, sometimes as low as 9px because screen resolutions were so low that was still pretty big.  Now that we have screen resolutions in excess of 1500px most of the font needs to be boosted.  For site headers we are seeing a trend where they are enormous, to make a real impact on the viewer.

Flash transitioning to JavaScript & HTML

Every year more JavaScript and HTML technologies take over on website where previously only Flash was used.  This includes simple things like doing photo rotators to more complex items like video players and games.  Apple never supported Flash on their mobile operating system and it was removed from Google’s Android operating system.  The leaders in the mobile market made the choice that Flash was not going to be a mobile framework they wanted, and as mobile continues to grow – Flash will naturally shrink.

Open Source

The open source community is stronger than ever.  New client side and server side frameworks are coming out regularly to help developers and designers implement great things faster.  In the design world open source HTML/CSS frameworks like “Bootstrap” have helped drive conventions and standards across websites.  In the development world programmers can easily download a full e-commerce platform, blog engine, CRM and more to serve as the basis for their projects.  

SaaS – Software as a service

It’s becoming popular to pay for monthly services outside of your website hosting to get everything you need for your website.  Instead of running your own email campaign software you will probably use Mailchimp or Constant Contact. If you want to have a ‘live chat’ feature on your website you may use Olark or Live Person – each with their own monthly fees.

Instead of creating your own platform for getting client video and text testimonials you could use a platform like - which allows customers to submit testimonials, “Kudos” to you for to approve and automatically show them on your website.  *disclaimer – Web Ascender created this. 

Check it out, we would love your feedback.

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