Effective Guerilla Marketing

Effective Guerilla Marketing

Effective Guerilla Marketing
I received the most interesting lead on a website yesterday.  Being an entrepreneur, a salesman , a marketer, a developer and all the other roles I play at Web Ascender I have to always be consintrating on  continuing my education.  Part of my education is reading, I get in one maybe two books a month along with my magazine and Blog subscriptions.  Most of the reading I get is from the Capitol Area District Library, always non-fiction, usually business or personal development oriented.  Originally I didn’t think that the library would have many books that a geek such as me would be interested, but boy was I wrong, they have almost anything I have wanted.  It’s crazy.  A few weeks ago I was reading ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill.  This was a pretty entertaining book which is based on much of Dale Carnegies’ early work.  As I was reading this book I was using one of my business cards as a bookmark.  It beats tearing a piece of paper and stuffing it in there, and since I always have a plethora of business cards on me it just made sense at the time.

I didn’t think I intentionally left my card in there, but after dwelling on it I now recall when I was finished with the book I drove my card right down the center and tossed it in the return pile.  As it so happens, the business card did not fall out during its trip back to the library, or during its check-in process, or during its delivery to possibly another library where it eventually landed in the hands of another entrepreneur.  When the book reached its final destination the business card was still tucked away, undiscovered as a marketing stowaway. After that a lead was born, the new recipient had called!  I received a website development lead by leaving a business card in a library book, now thats Guerilla Marketing!
So far based on our Web Ascender analysis our marketing efforts using the new “returned library book with business card” method is generating a 100% lead conversion!* More than any other of our marketing efforts.

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